Boat Lifting Device

Springfield, Missouri

This is an electronic device that uses wireless remote to control boat lifting. It can be used with 12Vdc or 120/240Vac. It uses STM8 microcontroller.

Gas Price Remote control

Ontario, California

Wonder how the gas price displayed by the gas stations changed its price daily? This is a device that uses wireless remote signal to the display board to adjust gas price. The control unit has rechargeable battery and cannot be connected to computer using USB port.

Helmet display

Pleasanton, California

This is an electronic controller for a rotating platform of a therapeutic helmet. It will provide video and sound description about the product, while flashing LED indicators around the helmet.

Toy projector

San Francisco, California

This is a prototype for a toy that will project cartoon video, while making mouth movements just like it is telling a story. It uses Raspberry Pi as its motherboard.

Electric Vehicle Charger

Fort Worth, Texas

Electric vehicles are becoming popular and phasing out gasoline dependent vehicles. This charger is used for residential charging while two vehicles can be charged simultaneously. It can communicate to User through Wifi, Ethernet or USB.

Ambulance Control Unit

Orlando, Florida

The electronic control unit is used to detect oxygen pressure level, vehicle voltage and current, vehicle temperature, then display the readings on the dashboard of the ambulance. It incorporates LED indicators to the driver for emergency alert. It uses PIC microcontroller.